The Sonnbichl cancellation guarantee and the measures in St. Anton am Arlberg

Winter is approaching and the anticipation of the well-deserved ski vacation is rising. But this year, unfortunately, travel preparations also include less pleasant topics. Can I cancel my booking if I fall ill with Corona? What protective measures against Covid-19 are taken on site? What rules apply in St. Anton and Tyrol? We have compiled the most important facts about your safety during your winter vacation.
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Sonnbichl Booking Life Balance: Cancellation guarantee in times of pandemic | Different price types for more flexibility| Cancel, but how?
Safe winter vacation: The most important rules at a glance | 2G rule and contact tracing | Measures in St. Anton am Arlberg |Covid-19: Winter rules at a glance

Sonnbichl Booking Life Balance

A vacation is simply part of a good work-life balance. And to a carefree vacation recently belongs to our Sonnbichl Booking Life Balance. With our new cancellation concept you have full flexibility and are protected in case of official orders. Our new FLEX rate also offers you the possibility to cancel your vacation independently of Covid-19. We present you our new concept at a glance.

Cancellation guarantee in times of pandemic

Booking a vacation in times of a pandemic? That’s possible! And it’s easy and safe with us at Das Sonnbichl. All bookings are covered by our basic protection, which includes a 48-hour cancellation guarantee. If any of the following four reasons apply to you, you will receive your deposit back and we will not charge any cancellation fees. Of course, we are also happy to convert your deposit into a voucher.

  • There is a travel warning from your region for the province of Tyrol at the time of travel.
  • There is a government quarantine order for returning travelers.
  • They tested positive for Covid-19 before departure (Presentation of the test result necessary)
  • Ski operations in our region have been suspended due to Covid-19.



Different price types for more flexibility

Even independent of the pandemic, there may be reasons to cancel or postpone a vacation. That’s why we have developed different rates that allow you to easily add your cancellation protection.

For all those who have decided

Free cancellation: Up to 15 days before arrival
80% of the accommodation price: 14 to 4 days before arrival
100% of the accommodation price: From 3 days before arrival

For those who want to play it safe

Free cancellation: Until 72 hours before arrival
100% of the accommodation price: From 71 hours before arrival

For full flexibility

Cancellation free of charge: Until 6 pm the day before arrival.
100% of the accommodation price: After 6 pm on the day before arrival



Cancel, but how?

If you have to cancel your vacation, it’s hard enough. Unnecessary bureaucracy or complicated procedures make the procedure even more difficult. We have therefore chosen for you the „Leider Geil“-Stornierung invented. Using a simple tool, you handle your cancellation in just a few steps. Simple, fast and – leider – geil.

Leider Geil – the easiest cancellation ever

Hotel Sonnbichl St. Anton am Arlberg - with free guest parking

Ski week carefree BOOK

Ski vacation including hotel cancellation premium insurance

  • Book vacation carefree
  •  live in a cozy small Tyrolean family business “class instead of mass”
  • Rich breakfast buffet with organic corner and homemade products
  • Your vacation is insured with Hotel Cancellation Premium Insurance (will be completed for you at the time of booking)
  • Hotel cancellation coverage also for COVID 19 illness despite pandemic status

ab € 770,– per person


Safe winter vacation

We hope, of course, that you do not have to cancel your well-deserved vacation and that you can spend the most beautiful time of the year with us in St. Anton am Arlberg. Therefore, there are some safeguards in place to ensure safe coexistence.

The most important rules at a glance

  1. Wear mouth/nose protection in public transportation, cable cars, enclosed areas, and areas with large crowds.
  2. Skilift: 2-G-Regel („vaccinated, recovered“) as an access requirement (except for children up to the age of 12)
  3. 2-G-Regel („vaccinated, recovered“) is valid in: Accommodation facilities, catering facilities, recreational and sports facilities, cultural facilities, Cable cars, when using services close to the body. (Hairdresser) and for events with more than 25 people.
  4. Wash and disinfect hands! Several times a day and thoroughly.
  5. Refrain from shaking hands in greeting.
  6. When sneezing or coughing, turn away from other people and use a handkerchief or the crook of your arm.
  7. Pay cashless when possible.

you will find further information about the security measures in St. Anton am Arlberg

2G-rule and Contact-Tracing

Your health is our top priority. For this reason, there are some rules that ensure a safe vacation. When accessing the hotel and catering industry, the 2G rule applies.This means that every guest must show a valid vaccination certificate or confirmation of having had Covid 19 disease.Additional safety is provided by contact tracing, which allows rapid action to be taken if the worst comes to the worst.For all those who are not recovered or vaccinated, there is also this winter a wide range of tests in St. Anton am Arlberg. You can find all current measures of the Austrian federal government HIER

Maßnahmen in St. Anton am Arlberg

There are also other measures on site in St. Anton that provide additional safety. In addition to hygiene precautions and mandatory masks in the ski buses, the maximum capacity will also be reduced.In order to nevertheless maintain the high level of comfort of the village bus service, more buses will be used if necessary. There will also be visitor flow control at the bus terminals.
The tourism association of St. Anton am Arlberg has also „C19 Service Desk“ set up. Specially trained employees provide information here about the current measures. Further information on this topic is also available at the Website des Tourismusverband St. Anton am Arlberg.

Covid-19: Winter rules at a glance

  • There are no restrictions on curfews, capacity limitations, or spacing rules for vaccinated and convalescent individuals.
  • Cable cars: 3G control (evt 2G control) at ticket purchase and FFP2 masks mandatory in gondolas, cabins and coverable chairlifts.
  • Hotel business & Catering: 2G-rule, Registration requirement for guests.
  • Après Ski: depending on the step plan 2G-rule(vaccinated, recovered or PCR tested) or 2G-rule (vaccinated or recovered).
  • Christmas markets: 2G-rule as well as compulsory registration.
  • Employees with customer contact: valid 3G certificate required as of 01.11.2021.

Inhale, exhale, enjoy

It will be a special winter for all of us. But in addition to all the measures, the focus is still on spending time together. Vacation is family time, time with friends and also simply time off. In the extensive nature around Das Sonnbichl simply let your soul dangle. Breathe in, breathe out, enjoy. We look forward to welcoming you back with us. With our cordiality and Tyrolean hospitality there is one guarantee above all: we give everything for your most beautiful time of the year.

You still have questions?

Just give us a call or write us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you about your vacation at Hotel Das Sonnbichl. On our hotel page you will find many more Packages for your winter vacation in Arlberg.

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