Packing list for your ski holiday at the Arlberg ✓✓✓

The first snow falls, the ski holiday is booked, the excitement increases. But wait, have you forgotten something?
Do you already have a packing list for your winter holiday in St. Anton am Arlberg?
Did you really think of everything?

Don’t worry, we have put together an ultimate packing list for you.

With these 5 points you will experience an unforgettable skiing holiday

# 1: for your hotel stay
# 2: equipment for the slopes
# 3: fun before and after the slopes
# 4: to enjoy your stay to the fullest
# 5: travel by car or train

Check in ins Doppelzimmer

#1: for your hotel stay

You will want the following everyday items in your suitcase.

  • winter jacket / coat
  • jeans / slacks
  • t-shirts
  • pullover
  • underwear
  • sports socks
  • shoes
  • winter boots
  • slippers
  • hat/scarf
  • leisure suit
  • evening wear
  • sponge bag
  • swimwear for the public swimming pool

Sonnbichl goes green!!
We ask that you bring your own bathing shoes or flip-flops from home to help rid the mountains of disposable slippers in all hotels.
They are usually used very little and end up in the trash after you leave. If you do not have any or you forgot, we always have an emergency pair at the reception for you (for a small environmental cost).

If your suitcase is already full, don’t forget, like most of Austria, our sauna area is a nude area, so you don’t need to bring bathing clothes. A sauna towel is also available in the hotel.
These items can stay at home:

  • hairdryer
  • towel
  • bathrobe
  • facial tissues
  • shower gel / shampoo / bath salts

#2: equipment for the slopes

The equipment for a perfect day of skiing could look like this:

  • breathable ski underwar
  • ski socks
  • ski jacket
  • Winterskijacke
  • fleece jacket or pullover
  • thin down jacket
  • cap, gloves, scarf
  • ski / snowboard
  • ski / snowboard boots
  • poles
  • ski helmet
  • goggles / sunglasses
  • back or body protectors
  • backpack with: mobile phone, cereal bar, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip care with UV protection, first aid kit
  • for freeriders and off-piste skiers / snowboarders: avalanche probe / shovel and LVS device, and an ABS backpack is advised too
  • ski/snowboard lock

For the ski holiday you should be well prepared. You need good skis, ski boots, ski poles or snowboarders the right equipment for snowboarding.
For safety on the ski slope, the ski helmet is a must.

Most of the heat is lost over the head and hands. That’s why it’s important to always wear your cap or ski helmet even when resting in the sun so as not to over-cool.
A back protector can help avoid injuries.
High-quality skiwear is a recommended must-have for the winter.
The mountains bring unexpected weather changes. Higher altitudes it can often be very windy and cool despite the cloudless blue sky.
Also a good sunscreen with a high SPF +50 should be part of the basic equipment – your skin will thank you!
In the mountains, the same sun protection rules apply as in the valley. If you move on a snow surface, the reflection of the radiation can increase it by up to 100 percent. The risk of damaging the damage is therefore increased many times over.

For those who do not have ski equipment or who want to rent their equipment, there is a large selection of sports shops (ski hire) available for you. Take advantage of the online bonus of 10%

Hotel Sonnbichl St. Anton am Arlberg - Gäste beim Frühstück

#3: fun before and after the slopes

  • a good breakfast
  • ski pass, available directly at the reception
  • a piste map
  • book a ski course
  • apres ski
  • dinner
  • nightlife

Start your day with a balanced gourmet breakfast in our Hotel Sonnbichl
„I must go… the mountains are calling but coffee first”

At dusk the party fever gasses in all après ski locations! Cozy huts, numerous snow and umbrella bars, pubs and discos invite you to celebrate.
No matter if “young” or “younger” there is definitely something for every taste.
In the evening you will be spoiled by our cook Laura with a 5-course menu or you will enjoy an unforgettable evening in our ala Carte Restaurant “Sonnbichl Stube”

Skifahrerinnen sonnen sich vor der Skihütte

#4: to enjoy your stay to the fullest

Not only at home, but also in the winter vacation, it can sometimes come to a headache, be it triggered by the Apres Ski or a long-winded party night on Arlberg, so we recommend you always have a few emergency headache tablets.
In addition, blisters are advisable when the ski or snowboard boots rub.

Medication / Pharmacy:

  • Personal medication
  • cold Remedy
  • Cooling and pain ointment
  • bladder Plaster
  • First aid kit

Money & Finance:

  • Cash (Euro, foreign currency)
  • EC or Visa card
  • health / holiday insurance

Important documents:

  • passport / identity card / driver’s license
  • visa
  • travel documents
  • booking confirmation
  • address of the accommodation / hotel
  • list of emergency numbers
  • important documents
  • accident travel insurance documents

Electrical equipment:

  • mobile phone + charger
  • socket adapter
  • notebook / tablet
  • battery 7 batteries
  • camera

Anreise mit der Bahn nach St. Anton am Arlberg

#5: travel by car or train

If you drive winter tires are compulsory in Austria!
Winter tires have to be fitted from 1 November of each year due to the weather.
Motorways in Austria require a toll, therefore, you must get a highway vignette before you use them.

We also recommend you to keep these things in the car:

  • Snow chains / Gloves
  • Forest protection / ice scraper
  • Direction
  • navigation device
  • Hotel address

The train goes right into the centre of St. Anton so you can easily travel from many airports or areas. Innsbruck, Zurich, Munich and Vienna are some of the most commonly used airports that have really easy train links with St. Anton.

If you are traveling by train to your winter holiday then book your train ticket with seat reservation for a comfortable stay in good time before your arrival online. (ÖBB)

The holiday packing list for printing and ✓ chopping off.
Download the PDF document to your computer and print out our packing list for your skiing holiday.


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